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Kate and crew, Sorry my English, but I'm sure you can understand me. I'm sending you some pictures of Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro, 03/05/2000, "Samba Schools" presentation. All of these pictures were captured from regular TV transmissions (broadcast, not cable). I hope you can show them in your site. The main group of samba schools has 16 teams, each of one with 3,500 - 4,500 people, 8 on Sunday night, 8 on Monday night in a 24 hour marathon (2 x 12 hr). Picture #01 shows an overview of the parade, more than 1 mile long. Picture #02 shows it closer, you can see the colors and the people. Picture #03 - #11 shows you some beatiful girls. But there are some "barangas" too. We call "baranga" in Portuguese slang, for those girls that are not exactly "ugly", but are not beatiful, but _think_ that are beatiful and can "show off" their bodies. Understand? There are lots of "famous" - or at least "known" girls. Pics #14 and #15 shows you Luciana Gimenez, mother of younger Mick Jagger's child. Pics #16 - #19 shows Nana Gouveia, a very beatiful brazilian model. Pics #20 - #21 shows Valeria Valenssa, married to the brazilian (born in Austrin) expert of computer graphics Hans Donner. But she's is real, not a CG special effect... Best Regards.

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Ladies your thoughts After are last contri my wife was feeling rather horny about all the sexy comments. We got hot and horny again and I took some more great shots to share with everyone! Hope that everyone enjoys!! Hopefully you to can get a chance to fuck her sweet pussy someday!


Love being there myself! As I promised, here's the RC version of my little striptease and as you will see on the next contri, it was not only tease for him... ;-). You can find the whole set of these pics (over 60) and 25 more galleries at our site: