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Angelic Michele A Day In The Park Hello Kate&Gang! Viewers! :) I want to start by saying how much I appreciate your messages, emails, and votes last month on my "Fun In the Streets" contri! You guys and girls rock! Hehe I had so much fun reading through your thoughts, I love to hear from each and every one of you...always! So, please dont forget to say hello today! :) Jere and I were looking for a nice low key place to play outside...and we found these huge rocks in a park. They were perfect! We had a lot of people come and go around us so that just made it all the more exciting! If you have taken pics outside and can understand that....whew!! lol I love knowing that they are so close, yet so far...ya know? Heheh Excites me..... Take care Love, xx

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Today is so hot. Dreams 2 - This is exacly how the story continued, and how things started to be considered as dreams. We all want to dream, am I sure about, but what I really like is to dream about those moments, and watching all these photos it takes less then a second to retorn to in that room... more to came


no story just the wifey Lizzie is my wife and slave. I made the belly chain for her. It attachs to her clit ring and keeps her hood pulled back. She works for me and I make her wear the chain to work. By the time she gets home she is too excited to wait an longer. God I love her. She loves your comments.