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boobs of my wife
This is the 3rd set for PS (two in Feb), and Petite is still loving the comments. Some have been demanding the pink and there are 10 pics in this set. We'll see how many make it into the PS contri. I'll post any unpublished pussy shots in voy-zone, so all you naysayers better pay up to Kate if you want to see her wet pussy, and her mouth stuffed with cock. Good comments bring more pics, and still looking to meet other contributors in south UK. Look out for a change of lingerie next time (if comments are still positive). Some asked for white nylons instead of black, so those pics have been taken, hehe.

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Enjoy me.. Steph PS. I am not professional porno-model ;) we do it together with my boyfriend, he is my partner and my photographer (and video-operator!) and we do it just because it's a part of our hippie life style and we both enjoy it!


mi chiamo Wendy, Hulk and I had a little fuck session the other day and then we went in back of Heather's trailer so I could pee real good. John took the photos and everyone really liked watching me dribble out of my pee pee. Peeing outside kind makes me feel really free and loose.