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Nudist beach brings the best out of three hot teens

Hubby's favorite dress
Time for a look at the amateur contest at Nudes-A-Poppin. These were at a smaller side stage. Not only was this cute redheat my personal favorite, but the crowds as well. I know she was a true "amateur". From the first shot, you'll see I was standing right behind her before the contests started. With just a little encouragement from her boyfriend, she went down to participate (and win) the best breasts,small division.(If you haven't noticed from my previous posts, I am very much a fan of real breasts.) And the last few shot's are of the grand finale, wet T-Shirt contest. She won that too.

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just my beautiful eve Have the most incredible day and stay with me, your Maya! I am in a sexy mood now. Looks hot, doesn't it? Young, hot and naked… I let you see more of my body…now you are fortunate to see my shaved pussy and nice firm boobs.


M* Looking to be Watched We have finally made it to the big night. You will see in contri #7 this gal has things all locked up. Just about done 1 or 2 more contri's to get the better pics of the 500+ we took. The last one will show you that not all in Key West is as it seems. Especially Playboy bunnies