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Four friends on the beach.

Kiss my ass :)
Hello voy-zone staff, Ok. Last contribution I sent was all close up shots and it was refused. Now, here is one with all kinds of shots and even a face pic, you will find that they are formatted just right and should easily be uploadable. So all ladies send in comments who like what they see. I will respond if you leave e-mail. Also, the shots of the female are of a lady I met online she made these pics possible because of the way she turned me on the night she sat on her scanner for me. Hope everyone enjoys. She is a 45 year old mother of two halfway across the country and I am a 20 year old college guy. Thanks From, 20 year old guy in college dorm room.

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Punished ..... My name is Maria, or Bia. It's Carnaval in Brazil now. I decided to live - really - my fantasy: to be Cleopatra! That is me, wearing a golden dress and a golden sandal, ready, waiting for my lovers: Julio Cesar and Marco Antonio. Kisses, PS: Cesar loves my feet...


another walk She has always liked to show of a bit. With a new camera, we thought it was time we did more than just look and drool. We would be willing to talk about trades if the incentives are right. Comments are most welcome and will result in more pictures in the future. Thanks Redclouds, you rock!!!