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Young Girl sex in Beachclub Part 2

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Hi to naturist web and the great staff, WOW....after all the great comments that I received from my (husbands)last posting of me, how could I not post a second time. I wish I could reply to each and every one of you, I was so flattered and excited to read your thoughts about me and I look forward to reading more of them if you wish to comment this time, I must admit it did arouse my sexual senses and my husband thanks you that alot, lol. I really hope you think as I do, that 42 is just a state of mind, I love every day of life and I thank naturist web for letting us (older gals)express ourselves also. Please feel free to comment on my pics as you see fit, I love reading all of them. Thanks again Love XXX

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for the boobs contest Here are some pics, I have taken of my GF (Trish 25 years old). Have never posted here before, so if the comments are good, I will post some more. Don’t post my email adress. Sorry about the blurring around the model.


FoXXXy @ 40 Kate- These are some pictures I made of myself for a man I know online... at his request. He asked that I share these with you and your viewers... Im excited to hear any comments about them. There are many many more pictures... would like to share more in the future. Thanks--