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theSandfly Presents De Rena Beach Voy Collection

Want to play...........
Justine and I were horrified when we heard EiP might close down, due to lack of contrib?s. So Justine pulled me out of the door so we could try and help revive the EiP. Its our first swing at EiP, and the pictures are taken at some pretty public places. We were even caught in the act by a young guy, but he didnt rly mind;o) I hope u all enjoy the pics and leave lots of comments, that will convince Justine to do more EiP. As always will Justine be looking at every comment personally and i bet she will get me to pull out the mails so she can send a personal reply, so if u want that leave a comment with mailaddi:o) Hugz Justine and Hubby

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Wifes fat ass Hi Lana here just some pictures of me in the snow storm Dam it was cold out there shoveling that snow. Maybe I should have but on a coat??? Well my nipples sure got hard in a hurry. Meny more new shots on my site. Lana


I'm Back !!! I found these photos recently, and thought they would make a nice Private Shots contri. Hope they all make it :) They are from a few years back - I'm a little older now, wiser maybe, but definitely HOTTER! Look forward to your comments, I always enjoy hearing from my fans, especially those from Ottawa! xxxooo