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Sweet ass of WD
The comments everyone left after my first time (Hard to use a timer) made me so horny that I forgot about being nervous and asked my best friend to take my picture. She was scarred at first because where I live it would be bad for me to be caught. She said I should get a toy. We’ve joked about using it but it was strange to hold it in front of her. I also got the guy that owns the camera to show us how to make better fotos so I didn’t have to sneak it out. I hope these are better. It was so much fun and I think I started wishing my girlfriend was more of a *friend* by the time the lights in the house came on and surprised us. That meant it was time to hurry and find my clothes. Some people just don’t like naked people and this couple are that way. Please vote and leave comments. That makes me happy. I’m trying to talk my friend into expose too and I want to find better places so I don’t have to worry about being evicted.

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Top down help yourself These are pictures of my wife from a few weeks ago. We spent the weekend on the boat and I fucked her in full view of many boats that slowly went by. By 7:00 pm I had her tied up and begging for it. If I get good responses I will send in more. Please don't publish my email address.


Barbara & Sandra. Jodie has SO many piercings and here you'll see me admiring her pierced nipples. She's got little barbells in them. How cool is that? Anyway, Jodie and I have both updated our sites with even more "together" pics...give 'em a look. Enjoy!! -Mysti