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Two young beautiful women dress up in a beach cabin

A shot or two
I Have Been A Very Bad Girl! - So this weekend Larkin is going to come over and we are going to do a few pictures together and I am super excited. I will send those in as soon as take them. The pictures we have taken that have ended up on our site were so freaking hot, I can't wait to do more. Its funny though, I have found my fantasies kinda wondering lately. For a while I got really pissed off at guys there, because I dated a few assholes in a row, but lately I keep having fantasies about older men. I can't believe I am going to actually admit this, but I am starting to have some seriously dirty "Daddy's girl" fantasies. That some older man would make me his "little girl" and punish me for being bad. Spank me and make me his. God its so terrible when I write it down, but seriously its making me so hot! I am so twisted! You know what though, maybe its something in me telling myself that I need to get myself under control or something. Whatever. I think its pretty fucking hot, don't you?

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PALOMA SEXY Here are some photos of my wifes ass over the last few years. She does not know I am posting these, if the comments are good I will show her. Who knows, maybe she will want to submit more with some encouragement.


Enjoy!!!!!!!!! Well, it's official! Mark says I am a cock sucking little brat, because if he says no, I suck his cock till he agrees.. ;) Here I was trying to get my way again, this time the camera was handy so we also got some great pix... Hope you like them, I will post more soon!