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After 28 years of marriage my husband finally got me to agree to his posting my pictures on voy-zone last May. I was amazed at the comments and never felt so beautiful and sexy to be admired by so many. So this time I am posting my own pictures and hope you enjoy. Yes, I am the 65 year old "old bag with leather skin" 5 or 6 of you commented on...LOL!! I was a flight attendant and am very happily married to a loving and naughty husband with 6 loving children and 2 grandbabies. I guess I am just as naughty for doing this now. I enjoy being as sexy as ever now. I feel very liberated after my husband exposed me last May. I was very nervous and afraid too. But I now believe what my husband has been telling me about how I look and why we are so sexually alive in our marriage. This has truly helped me. Please enjoy - good or bad. I am enjoying this by just posting.

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No Story . This is Part 2 of My Eve Undressing on my Chair contri. She only had one item of clothing left at the end of the last part so I hope you won't be upset if she is already undressed in most of this contri. I think most of you will be able to cope with this situation.


The High Life More of M22 from the UK. I am thinking of getting circumcised, what do people think? I have put a couple of pics on of what I think it will look like. Let me know and I'll show some before and after pictures! Look Forward.