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When Tea and I first started talking online, I remember finding it strangely amusing that her profile mentioned that one of her hobbies was collecting novelty shirts. I was curious about it, but it also seemed like it could spell disaster (your life obviously is devoid of sin and excitement if you've got that kind of devotiontime on your hands for such a lame hobby). Now she has sworn to me that most were gifts, and she has continually complained that she is never allowed to wear the ones with more offensive messages. I asked her for an example, and she mentioned this shirt. I figured I'd let her lead on some photos, so I told her she could wear it in some. She was incredibly enthusiastic about it, and considering how cute she looks when all lit up, I'll put up with any cheesy hobby she can throw at me!

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My Turkish wife Here are the rest of the sexy stocking contest pictures as requested. All of your comments are much appreciated. I want to dedicate these pictures to all of my little naughty boys who appreciate all of the hard work and dedication that we put into these photos.


Do you like !?? Girls in wet t-shirt contest at Texas National Motorcycle Rally at Houston Raceway staring The Cowgirl and her friends showing things are bigger and better in Texas ps... you know the Cowgirl won the contest and our hearts