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Hi to Kate, the crew and all the viewers: We spent a couple of days getting pictures of me putting on a show for all the wonderful truckers out there. This series of pictures contain some that are just a little different from the run of the mill, drive-by flash. In one pic we see 2 gents enjoying the show. In another, we caught the driver on the CB telling all his buddies about the show. Then we caught a pic of a driver's partner snapping a picture of me. (This was not the clearest pic but we worked hard to get it so we wanted to show it to you.) Pic #7 is the hard to get "show the trucker your butt" pic. And in the last pic we see the driver holding up a note of thanks. Little did he know that we heard him talking to all his friends on our own CB. Hope you like the pics....and stay tuned for some more of a slightly different version.

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Hi there!!! I have been a long time fan of the site and decided I needed to contribute. So here is something for the ladies. I am a young (27) male living in central IL looking for an older woman to explore sensuality and sexual desires. I hope I peak your interest as everyone else has peaked more than mine.


new lingerie... Someone likes bush, someone else likes shaved. Here you are the both versions. Which dou you like? We are waiting for your vote and comments. A qualcuno piace il pelo, ad altri no. Eccovi entrambi le versioni. Quale preferite? Aspettiamo il vostro voto e il vostro commento.