Nudism Photos

Tia on a public Beach + Surprise

at the hotel
Santa Claus came early this year, and he brought me a toy. These photos were taken on two separate occasions, about a week and a half apart. The photos of me in obvious "pain" were taken the day the toy arrived, and I was in "pain" (albeit enjoyable), as I had not had anything larger than my finger in any of my holes in several years. This contri most likely will be posted after I have gone out of town for the holidays; I won't be back until after the new year. When I return, I *promise* to send an e-mail to all who left [their e-mail address along with] a message on my previous two contri, as well as for this one. I should have done it by now, but believe it or not, I am a bit shy and don't know what to say. As always, I hope these photos create a good impression (you know what I mean) ...

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Great Pic Desert in Bloom I had a chance to go visit some friends....and luck be was a friendly day out and the desert was in bloom. So, WYOCOWBOY got the camera out a shot a few for me. Hope you are enjoying your summer


We love the playa. Ok I added a few more pics for you. Title it looking for the ladies. Feel free to post e-MAIL ADDRESS . I hope to get these on this time.Also add ladies only men need not blur ladies face from eyes up please. P.s. Great site I am so glad I joined keep up the good work.