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Amateur couples filmed fucking on the beach

Hey Asher, I know that you aren't into the guy pics, but here are a couple of mine. These were done with a webcam (because its all I've got right now). I'd like to cover a couple of points before I post.. first off, if you don't have anything nice to say.. don't post. 2. I am a straight male.. As much as I appreciate the flattery.. bi or gay guys need not post. Lastly, I am 23, 250# and like ladies who have big bagos and natural crotches (unshaved but trimmed!) Rock on.. this sight kicks ass! And just for the sake of "fitting in" PDPMEA! PS, if the comments are good.. I'll consider some cream topping next time.

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Emy in Public. Enjoy Kate and gang, Attached are 3 sets of pics of wife Jenny and me from one great bj session. This is 3 of 3. Please feel free to post on one day PDPMEMA - we will answer all comments left on board with e:mail addy. Keep up the good work, we are avid voyeurs!!


MY SEXY MAMI... Walked up and down the sand in search of some boobs. When I returned to catch some rays, this young lady with the biggest boobs on the sand decided to sit right behind me!! Good things come to those who wait! Wish I could have gotten closer!!