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Nude Beach - A stroll along the Beach

A break from working.
Hi Kate, Jerry, crew, and voy-zonebers! Can you believe it's December already? It's definitely no longer shorts and convertible weather here anymore. Up north of LA and in the mountains it's winter and snow is falling. The first snow of the year had just fallen in Lake Tahoe and we went up to spend a weekend screwing around. A cool themed hotel room, nice dinners overlooking the lake, some time in the casinos and of course lots of pictures, Hehe. It was lightly snowing as we spent a morning out running around the town, and eating breakfast. I found this super soft and warm jacket in one of the ski shops and spent my casino money on it, but I had to have it. You know what a baby I am in the cold. *EG* It's perfect and so soft that I couldn't help but go topless under it. Between the snow and it being just before the ski resorts open for the season there was hardly anyone out and about in town. We went down to a little park right on the lake and hiked around the woods and along the sand. It was cold! My nipples hurt they were hard for so long, LOL. But I toughed it out and we had a great time taking pictures as I did my little striptease in the snow. Be sure to stop by my site for more of my adventures and all of my previous contris. I hope you enjoy! Love ya, Nikki ;)~

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For the TV lovers! questo mio nuovo post e dedicato alle donne la cui bellezza non e sfiorita ma si e solo trasformata in una sensualita meno appariscente ma piu soliti perdenti dico.l'avete gia capito! Italiani...e non solo scrivete x scambio e magari giocare assieme.


more biker babes Willow Aka Wild Witch - The overwhelming sentiment was that my Halloween costume should be this is about as close as I can get...thanks to all who commented and had fun with the Halloween costumes...XOXOXO