Nudism Photos

a brunette with a beautiful ass on the beach

catching the sun
Thanks to all of you for the good comments I've received for my previous contri. Now here you are more pics of my body whose the one's on the bed have been taken by my girlfriend Jane, who is more younger than me, before having sex with her. I'm a fully bisexual girl and I really love to do sex whith Jane. After having taken the pics on the bed Jane turned her on and started to kiss my ass, becoming crazy about the aphrosidiac smell of my private parts, than sweetly spanked my bottom and........ I completely lost my selfcontrol on the bed with Jane ...due by her caresses and kisses on my body and.......Do you think am I a piglet?

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Here's part 3/3 Hubby and I know this isn't an original idea, but we hope you like our interpretation of the concept. A quick thanks to those who have left us comments on our past contris. We always enjoy hearing what you think. Take care.


on a summer day Hi all! This is my first time posting on the Voyeurweb! These shots were taken on two separate occasions and it was my first jpg shoot with my boyfriend in public. Maybe with some practice I'll learn to be more daring! :) We do have plenty more adventurous private shots too :) Till next time :)