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Andie Valentino solo on Hawaiian beach

fake tits?
Okay, Spank-bots, here it isa€¦ I feel so DIRTY! It turns out, my twin sister is A LOT more like me than I thought. Ita€™s weird editing these contris, because, wella€¦ I meana€¦ how many of YOU have seen YOUR siblingsa€™ genitalia up close and in action this way? First, I do this for my husband a€“ horny pervert that he is! Second, I do it for YOU, because I love (your bone). Okay, well, maybe ita€™s my stiffened clit that gets me into these situations, I dona€™t know. I DO know that I am VERY grateful that the compilation contris my husband sent in last week all broke 4.0 AND that your comments have been so pleasant (and disgusting). Wea€™re both VERY happy to have the old naturist back! (Sniffle, sniff, sniff a€“ and I promised myself I wouldna€™t cry.) Okay, back to my husband fucking my twin sister. Watch how much she makes him cum a€“ that little HUSSY! He didna€™t know if he would get to stick her, but never underestimate the power of a PERVERT! PERVERT!

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Curves For You - Enjoy Hope you all like this set of pictures. If you do feel free to email me or post your comments. If the damage is not too bad (lol) then I promise to keep the postings coming. Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did taking them. XOXOXOXOXOX


just a little bit more fun Hi Kate and the gang ! Theses are some pics we took in the last year in different occasions. Because this is our first contri, your comments will be very helpfull to convince my girlfriend to repeat the experience. Please call this contri : Quebec girl Thanks !