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Nude Beach - Exhibitionists Pt 01

Um broche a portuguesa
Hello everyone!!! Here are some pictures of Annie and me taken during our last weekend together! We started the night by cooking dinner half dressed, then ended up on the couch having fun. As the husbands took pictures and movie taped the entire night, we did an 8 hour live CAM show on our Fnudistsite. We had so much fun in front of the camera, and wanted to say thank you to everyone who chatted and cheered us on all night. Look for another live CAM show with both of us in mid January! We will also post some of the pictures in Private Shots, and if the comments are good, we will post more nudistshots next week! To see all of the pictures, and to watch the CAM shows, you can go to my fnudistsite and to Annies fnudistsite Thanks again for this wonderful site!! XXX OOO

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takes suggestions! Dear Kate, Here are some see-thru shots of Me. My boyfriend left a note for me to send some HOT pics to you for the contest. He told me he want to see them on your site and to make them so Hot, he would cum just looking at themÝ Hopefully, I succeeded.Yours Truly,


ONE OF MY LOVE FRIENDS Marianne has been feeling "fat" lately. Having recently lost her job due to downsizing, she's been looking for work. At 42, it's hard to find a replacement job. She says she's gaining too much weight. So we went to a hotel for some "inspections" of her body.