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German Melanie on beach

My wife's beautiful tits!
First Scully wanted to thank everyone for all the nice comments on her second post. She tried to email everyone who left a nice comment and an email address but she might have missed a few. Special thanks to those who sent back pictures! And, we were planning to email all those who left messages on the first post but we didn't realize that it would drop off the website so soon... sorry! Scully is still a little hesitant on submitting pics (it takes a lot of persuasion). In fact with these pics and the last set (the cooking ones) I just started snapping pics and then started trying to get her to undress. Luckily she did. She still gets very embarrassed and HATES looking at her own pictures. For me it's a real turn-on... taking them, looking at them AND showing them off. Scully really enjoys reading all the posts on the message board. We check it together almost every night. We even like the insane rantings and complaints from the CAPSLOCK MAN. Scully especially likes the messages from other women and couples. I think she's a little curious about being with another woman. So please keep the responses coming! (oh and ladies don't forget to check out Mulder's pics on the guy's side!)

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nothing to say yet Thx everybody for your words after my previous countris. You want to see more of my wife Kimmie, right? So this set is for you. And if your girl is asian, please share some pictures on this website like us, there are not enough oriental beauties.