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Big boob Milf on beach

she loves to tease me....
Rose Is Rose - When I posted my very first contri at naturist eight years ago I was amazed at the comments people left on the BB for me. One such message came from a man who was, unbeknown to him, instrumental in my deciding to post more pictures at naturist. You see he used to equate me with a favourite carton character of his, "Rose is Rose". In this cartoon strip a very ordinary every day housewife named Rose has this remarkable alter ego that would momentarily transform her into this liberated, less conservative and definitely more wild and adventurous person who could overcome any challenge that came her way. My friend saw my posting naked at naturist as my alter ego escaping the confines of my day to day life and finding this most sexually liberated way of expressing my self. Anyone who has posted pictures at naturist will tell you that there are few things as confronting as knowing your naked image is available to literally millions of people should they wish to see it. It was pointed out that this hitherto unknown ?wild, exhibitionist side? was as much a part of my character as the much more mundane side that most people see. Unfortunately this very dear person is going through a very rough patch at the moment and I wanted to remind him that within every one is a person strong enough to tackle anything that comes their way. (Your friendship, support and help will never be forgotten. We are both with you, always.)

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A day at the plage Bonjour de France, ma Glamoureuse se detend dans le sofa ... nous echangeons nos photos, nous apprecions la lingerie et les talons hauts, laissez petit messages ...( Hi from France, my Glamoureuse is in the sofa (we trade pics, we like lingerie and high heels...leave a little message for contact..)


Pink story You gotta admit that green shiny vegtables look lovely in the winter. Especially if there sliding in and out of a hot wet pussy. Just look at the size of that thing. I used to call myself innocent until my hubby broke me in with this thing. Hope you enjoy!