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Nude Beach - Two Couples Play Together

hope you love it.....
Hi,here you can see me with one of my strong girlfriends. When we meet it always ends up in a HOT Action.This time even the neighbours came asking if everything was okay, because they heard some girls screaming. Welll...everything sure was okay we told them hahaha, we just forgot the world around us for a while and let our fantazies run free. After our little game I didnt feel my legs anymore (and some other muscles..) but also at the same time I felt like born again. Thats the good thing about HOT Steaming Sex! So have fun with the part 1 and part 2, and in the meantime I will try to realize another HOT Fantasy again. Which for sure I will share with all of you again.

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One more.. Wow I can't believe the nice comments about my nipples :) thank you everyone. So as requested here are some of my favorites featuring my nipples. I hope you like if you don't than that's ok and thank you again. Just Me Autumn


on a club in spain These are a few pictures taken at various times over the past years. Please let V know if you like them and she may let me send more........ Pic1 Taken overlooking the Missouri River just south of Hannibal MO Pic2 My favorite picture of her