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Mike (The Stoned) $-)
Hello Kate and crew!! Hello fellow voy-zonebers! For those of you in the military, I am sure you know what a dining out is. TC is not in the military, he is civil service, but we were still invited to the dininig out. Military was dress white, and civilians were semi formal. The dining out in itself was a ball, the first I had ever been too. Who says the military can't have fun? They had all kinds of funny rules, and a nasty drink called gruel. If you were unfortunate enough to get caught going against one of their silly rules, you had to drink from the gruel. A mixture of alchohol plus anything else thrown in, from brocoli, to chex mix cereal.......eeeeeeeeewwww!! So, we caught a little buzz off that, and got a little brave on the way home. Of course, not as brave as Greta and Heide!! lol We stopped along the road to take some pictures. One car slowed down, and asked us what we were doing...Wasn't it obvious?? hehe I have quite a few from this set, but here is my favorite 10. I have the deer caught in headlights look in a few of these...hehe. Also, after coming home, we had a little fun, which I will send into voy-zone! Love and kisses,

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A hot day working at home This is my beautiful wife of 15 years. I'm hoping you, my fellow RCers, will help her to realize how sexy she is with your comments. She is bi and we would love to hear from the ladies as well as the guys. Rock on Redclouds!


Heading out.... Hello kate and all the vw crew thank you so much for posting my pictures, love your site. To all the left a comment my thanks to you one and all. I am trying to answer all that left a email address. Thanks again Marie