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As title!!!
These are just some random pics of Lisa while changing and sitting on our bed in the sun. This was right after our son was born, so the boobs were a little bigger due to the milk. I love how her nipples look through her shirt and how she keeps herself trimmed. She wore that tank top out without anything on under it that day to tease me. It was such a turn on to see other guys checking out her boobs through that. These pics led to some Red Clouds fun which we might post. She gets turned on posting and viewing pics, so if you are in your mid thirties like us, and want to share some photos, let us know an email. :) Hope you enjoy!

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One for the hubby ; ) Took a trip to Southbeach before school started. She is in her 50's and a teacher. I am proud of my wife and love to show her off. She is still shy and doesn't want to show her face. So if you don't like middle age ladies or blur, move on. Help me to build her confidence.


Wish I was That bear She's 42 and enjoyed the nice comments on the first set (FS 10-25-03)Thank you. This set answers a couple of request for closeups and painted toes. We're enjoy being part of V-Web. If you like these maybe we'll try again. Please vote.