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Hello, We (my wife and I) made some pics , hope you like them. The image were taken : on a train in Belgium. Belgium , Europe ( between Brugge and Knokke on our way to the sea) is were we live. We have more pics taken on other places. We would like them to be published on your great website. Like I said we have more pics on different locations like the strand , swimming pool ... The photos are taken with a normal reflexcamera Yashica. Do you need more information ? My wife would like to take Kitty as nickname if possible. Hope to hear from you very soon ... or love to see our pics on Greatings from Belgium Kitty and Chris ps : I will send you part 2 of our pics in another mail

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she is very sexy... I'm so glad we here in W.Pa finally got another snow fall so that Mr Shavd and I could get out and take a few pics. I was excited to have the chance to do two of my favorite things together, be outdoors and be naked !!! I just hope you all enjoy as much as we did.


Looking Good!!! A group of us were away at a works convention, this woman WN had gone back to her room, I went to look for her, her door was open so i went in, she was asleep, so i went and got my camera, sorry but this is all i got, nice though. She had no idea i was there at all.