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Spanish Beauty From Beach To Bed BVR

Croatia 2009
Please title this one, "Microman available". After enjoying voy-zone for a year, I took the plunge into voy-zone and it is the best value on the net. Thanks for both sites. I finally got a high quality digital camera and being the exhibitionist and a voyeur I wanted to contribute. (Can't talk the wife into voy-zone yet) The problem? I have the world's smallest adult penis. Hard to be an exhibitionist under those circumstances. Then I thought how much I enjoy seeing all the women of voy-zone no matter the size, age, or race, so here are my photos. Laugh if you like, I am secure enough. However, I would like to advertise to all the Voyeurs in central Ohio that I now have this really great Sony Mavica FD91 that takes great pictures (These are in the medium resolution) so I am available for 3somes and to take pictures for those of you not lucky enough to yet own a digital camera. Maybe I can give back to Voyuerweb/voy-zone that way? Leave me a message on the BBS and I will get back to you. As far as the 3 somes, I am the ideal 3rd, you don't want your wife to enjoy someone much bigger than you do you? You will look good in comparison if you invite me!

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Just hanging Here are some images I thought you would like to see. I get so horny getting photographed like this. I love to see the photographers boner popping through his shorts! All that built up poison must be bad for you guys...I'll take care of it for you! Michelle XOXO


Modeling at Home ........ A great place to be on a sunny day, except for the mountain goat skills required to get down to the plage and back up. There would have been more than two parts except for a camera malfunction that cost an entire day's worth of photos.