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Kate and Gang, Got such a great response from you guys and all the naturist viewers on the Anxious and Miss Q series that we wanted to be sure to give everyone a big THANKS! (Special thanks to Kate for our HOF's SSMMOOOCCCHHHH!!!) Here is probably my last set for the summer. Wanted to make sure we took in all the sun we could before winter set in. Please title these "Anxious - Au' Natural Part 1" in the private section. Again, thanks for everyones wonderful comments! Luv and Hugs! P.S. Think a viewer might just have given us the next Anxious and Miss Q series. What does everyone think of "Oiled Twister" :)

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good morning, Sir! una amica .... piu di amica....una Femmina.... veramente calda.... apena 19enne.... che dire... un cavallo imbizzarrito con la voglia e forza di 100 elefanti....ho provato a cadevo sempre prima io!!


Sneaky showerroom cam. S M has finally decided to let me share her pics with the world. She loves the feedback and plans on taking more pics in the future. Also, any suggestions for pics as far as locations, outfits, themes, etc. will be appreciated to help get us get started.