Nudism Photos

Hottie butt-banged on the beach

Pics from summer holiday.
We had some really nice weather right before Christmas and went out to get some pics with Christmas lights in the background. We saw this guy at the car wash and pulled in for some shots. I directed Monique out into full view. He tried not to notice, but I told her to go over to his stall and asked if we couold get some shots with him. Monique said his hands were trembling as she grabbed them and placed them on her boobs (I guess mine were too, as I screwed up some of the pics). We were on a busy road and very conspicuous, so we didn't stay there long. Hopefully we run into him again. He didn't get a chance to take his own pics, so his friends probably don't believe his story!

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Down the hatch! Hi again Loved all the nice comments I got from my last post so I thought I would post again. Took these the other night. We are still very interested in meeting other local women and couples and to maybe take some pics for redclouds with the people we meet. More explicit pics to follow.


Te lo enseo todo bien Just a little fun trying to see what happens here with these pics just a bunch of different pics from a bunch of different times, please be easy with her shes a mom of 3, if u r good to her she will wanna post more