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HHub brought over his friend from high school who they used to call Prawn. When HtWifey asked why on earth they called him that, he said he was totally comfortable with the fact he was not huge downstairs. She said she personally loves smaller guys if they know how to use what they've got. HtWifey was a little beyond tipsy. I asked her what she meant. She said that for instance, she preferred small guys in her ass. He said he would love to try anal as no girl he was with ever let him. I asked HtWifey to get down in front of him. She was buzzed and dutifully did as I asked. I pulled her dress back and spread her ass for him. He needed no further invitation. He got down between her and snaked his tongue in and out of her tight hole as she moaned away. Then he pulled out his "prawn" out and HtWifey lowered her big sexy ass down on top of him and slid all 4 3/4 inches into her tight asshole. After she cleaned herself up she let me take a pic.

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Sorry for poor lighting not exactly sure what to do here as it'smuch different from literotica boards. so i guess i'll just attach some pics :) hubby and i got a webcam one night and started playin with it and these are the results thanx a lot :)


BBW - GOOSE GIRL FUN Redhotgrani(61yo) and CountryFox(51yo) after Bourbon Street (earlier post) went to the show at Pat O’s Piano Bar in The Big Easy. Grandpa ordered us some kind of nonalcoholic punch he called a Hurricane. After a few of those sweet little harmless Hurricanes we put on a show of our own.