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A favorite fantasy, not only of mine, but also of many I believe, is the school girl one. School girls represent innocence, awakening sexuality. Then, of course, is the forbidden relationship of teacher and student. Whether you are the student in your fantasy or the teacher, being the forbidden fruit or tasting it, the feelings and raw emotions that tumble together in a kaleidoscope of sensations is strong and irresistible. You notice her in class, her skirt a little too short, her blouse showing a little too much cleavage. She sends furtive glances your way, then seeing you looking at her, knowing ones. The lust burns in her eyes, your heart races a little when she nibbles on her pencil and licks her lips. You know you shouldn't be having these thoughts run through your mind, but you just can't help it. Later that evening when school has let out and you are alone in your classroom grading papers, you feel a presence. You glance up, hoping it will be her, praying it won't be. When you see her, your heart drops because you know all is lost, there will be no way to refuse her, to send her away. Her seduction had begun, in innocence, in the safety of the classroom with all the other students present. Now, with her here with you all alone, you will lose yourself in her silky long hair, her full breasts, her firm ass, and her seduction is complete. Jme (hubby) and I have been posting to naturist for over a year now. If you'd like to see my past contris, plus more, come visit me at my Fnudistsite. Love, ;)~

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HOT shower After showing me her shaved pussy outdoor, we prefer to go a public building but we closed the door. This pictures have been taken between several videos of Frances. The deal is: one pic, two minutes of mp4. Perhaps we will send you the videos...


Red passion Es solo un poco de un strip que os ha realizado mi flaquita para mi en privado y para ustedes en esta contribucion, esperamos que sea de vuestro agrado, por cierto gracias por publicar las fotos anteriores, recuerden ver a mi flaquita en el dia 4 de mayo. saludos