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Wives Teasing Nude Beach Voyeurs & Gives One A Handjob!

Years later mid 30's
The contributors Bulletin board had a secret Santa thread. The idea was to use the presents in pictures for profile pictures and possible contri’s. We got paired up with a couple from a part of up state New York where we used to live. They sent us some items that would remind us of life in the Finger Lakes reagon: Cheese, Maple Syrup and some things to clean up with after. I got a little messy with but It was fun. Enjoy. For the lonely loosers with their childish comments, I’m not one of the hundreds of girls and women who have rejected you. So don’t take your involuntary virginity out on me. Just keep masturbating to the perfect women in your comic books.

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little drunk. lol Bisexual Milf And Her G/F'S - This is our first time posting here. We have really enjoyed all the fine pictures that we have seen. Hope you enjoy ours as well. Please be sure to vote and leave us a comment or two!!! Licks and Slurps, The Wife


School girl fantasy I would like to introduce you to Sati. I think you can tell by the wicked little gleam in her eyes that she is quite the firecracker! For our shoot, she decided she wanted to 'glisten' so we oiled her up nice and good. Please enjoy.