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Hi Kate & Gang!! Its been a while since we posted on your fantastic site. In April we posted 5times. Got lots of mail & made some good friends. Hope these new pics are received well. We are not NRIs. This is the REAL Deal. All those who want to share...send ur pics first!! Rati thinks she has put on weight ...let us know what u think)). Oh yes...will send free good pics to the lucky one who guesses her age right!! I know for sure that I have posted some of the best contries but never got a place in the top ten. No Real Amature Indians have posted as good pics as ours. Some Of our April Contris were far superior to many of the contest winning contries & yet we were not placed high. Is this some knda bias?? Hope not. Thank you Kate. Take Care. Love, 18 Sept is our "First Time" anniversary. We were in school then!!

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transparence noire hallo zusammen, hier ein paar fotos von mir. hatte mir ein kleid gekauft und beim ausgehen festgestellt das esfast trabsparent ist. also musste ich ohne meinen stringtanga zum abschlussball unseres tanzkurses gehen. war ganz schoen frisch aber auch ......


fresh air for hot ass Babe was very happy that you guys/gals liked her first contri. She says to say thanks. Also this has now made our sex life much more interesting. She'll read the comments and then jumps my bones! I thank you too!