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outdoor Fuck during our Nudist holiday

A Christmas gift to enjoy
Hi all Thanks again for the comments, it always makes me happy ! Here is the last part of my armchair series. If you have suggestion, feel free to submit, i might do some of your request ;-) By the way, We're not that much into trading pics with couples for the moment, but why not with girl as i'm (not yet) please do not ask to trade pics if you're in couple ;-) Don't forget the comments ! Voici la derniere partie de la serie "fauteuil". Si vous avez des suggestions, n'hesitez pas a nous en faire part, je pourrais peut-etre faire quelques requetes ;-) Au fait, nous ne sommes pas intEresses pour echanger des photos entre couples pour le moment, mais pourquoi pas avec une fille vu que je suis (presque) bi...donc merci de ne plus demander des echanges entre couples ;-) N'oubliez pas de laisser un commentaire ! Kisses Melian & Azi

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Got the urge to post again These are a few pics of my wife, she loves to dress to emphasize her natural assets. Thought they were very sexy hope you like. Our first time posting. Please enter these in the "push them up" contest. Thanks...


dulcinipple Having admired Kelly's contributions and wishing I was one of the guys in the theatre, I was inspired to do a little playing in the seats myself. Now if I could just get as lucky as the guys in her contributions! Leave an email for the complete set.