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Wanker Caught on the Beach

here are a few more pics.
Lisa and I have been friends for about a year now and we never fail to have fun! What we fail to do is take pictures! It's funny, every time we have gone out or met at a party we've just relaxed and had fun, soon it's 3 in the morning and we just never get around to taking pictures. Well this time I was determined to get some. *EG* I called Lisa up Friday afternoon and asked if she and BigD had plans. Luckily they were free and said they'd love to get together. I did mention to bring their camera. ;)~  We went out and had a couple of drinks and chatted before heading back to the house. Once we got there the fun started. We had a couple more drinks, flirted, and told the guys to grab the cameras. Lisa and I put on a show for the guys and had a great time doing it! It was great, and the guys took some really good pictures.   Well imagine my surprise when someone told me Lisa had written about it in the journal on her site. It was our evening exactly! and even better to hear her side and remember it all! Memories and Lisa's words got my fired up all over again. I even thought it would be really cool to put pictures to it and send it in for a contri! It turned out awesome, but unfortunately the pictures got a little too hot and naturist sent them back. So instead we decided to put together a 'Kissing Girls' contri for the GwS Section. Hope you enjoy watching us make out for pictures! We did! Hehe!! Just wait 'til you see our "too hot" contri in voy-zone!

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hot sunbathing; This was a day when Cool Chick got a new miniskirt. When she asked me what else she should put on with it, my reply was evident. So with just her boots and her mini on, she hopped into the car and we drove out to take some picx. Hope you like them.


Anastasia and the coke She Does What She'S Told - ML. Here are some random shots of sexy, slutty sub. I thought I'd enter these in the 'My Lips' competition. A second, harder contri is to come. Thanks for a great site you guys. PS - how come no-one says 'PDPMEA' anymore?