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Nude Beach - Stranger Threesome Fantasy Fulfilled

Lets partee!!
Some days just seem like they are meant for lazing around the house or yard or plage. This was a laze around the plage kinda day. We packed the car up with a few sand toys and headed to our favorite non-crowded strand. The weather was awesome and there was hardly anyone there so I got to play naked in the water and on the playa for a while:0) As with any outing with Cam and his camera there had to be something that makes it memorable… See that EVIL boogie board I am lying on?? That thing hurt my wrist so bad! I was riding a wave in (I am such a plage bunny :0) and when I got to the shore and started to get off the board another wave caught it and tossed me a little. I put my hand down in the water to steady myself and there was a small dip there and so my hand went farther than I thought and so I had more weight on it when it hit the bottom! My wrist still hurts a month later! Lucky for Cam it was my left hand… *wink* Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and are looking forward to the Holidays! Still trying to talk Kate and Sailor into coming over for a BBQ:0) And I know Michele and her bf would come over and maybe BW and her hubby and Lexius and Lovely…. We could have a mini naturist BBQ party:0) Sailor you bring the drinks, Kate you bring the chips:0) Thanks Merci & Cam Equipment: Nikon D1, Solar Lighting, H2O, sand

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More of our drive Hi! Thanks for Your comments! That's more of my Wife, when she's ending a bath at Home. Any cCurtain because the Home is the last of the Street. She don't know that I've make and sendt the Pictures. Please, DPME. Please, public in the Voyeur Section. If You want I have tons. Regards.


My wife's 36B A Ford dealership next to a busy highway, we did not realize how good a view the car’s on the highway had until we left to go home. She took her clothes back off and rode home naked, flashing truckers all the way. I think VW has created a monster, she is begging to do it again. Hopefully soon.