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No story. First contri.
Hey Kate, Crew and nudist'ers! I would just like to wish everyone a Happy 2005 New Year! 2004 seemed to just fly by but it was a good year all in all! I hope y'all brought in the new year with an awesome celebration. I'm looking forward to 2005 and all it has to offer me. I hope each and every one of you get all you wish for this year! Just wanted to send in some new pics for you. They are pretty casual. I'm looking forward to all your comments and would love to hear what you would like to see from me next. I'm always looking for new ideas. And for all those that commented on my last contri, Tan Pantyhose, I did read all your comments and will do what I can to accomodate you with the requests you gave me. Keep your eyes open for future contris of me in different colored pantyhose! Thanks for the wonderful comments and I'll see ya soon. Wet kisses.......Sara

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loves showing her 38dds Hi Gang, Well it has been a while since I posted some pics so I thought it was time for some more of my beautiful wife!! I call her sweetcheeks......but you tell me......Like to hear comments...!!!! P.S..I thought this might qualify for the see through competition...!!!


Can u se the spot...? You ladies on redclouds get my cock hard every time I look at your pics. I love to see you hot, horny, wet and doing what you love to do best. I do some traveling in the midwest, anyone interested in some uninhibited, toe curling, slamming sex? Please leave an e-mail if serious.