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she keeps getting hotter
Latina Super Sexy 3 - Hola nuevamente a todos(as), aqui estamos de regreso contribuyendo una vez mas en esta excelente pagina. Tercera aparicion de mi bella esposa Arlyn, ojala y esta ocasion sea igualmente del agrado de toda la gente, especialmente aquella de habla hispana. No olviden dejar sus mensajes, trataremos de contestar los mas interesantes y aquellos cuyas propuestas nos parezcan agradables, cabe aclarar que a mi nena le encanta leer todos y cada uno de ellos. Tampoco olviden votar si asi lo desean, entre mejores comentarios haya muchas mas apariciones habra. Sin mas preambulos, esperamos que la disfruten tanto como nosotros. Arlyn & Diego

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thank you aj and old. So some guy at the club once said he wished there were "two of me". Not like I'd really want to have a threesome with MYSELF, but ok, whatever, I guess he liked that idea. Anyhow, so I decided to do what I could, and took some pics where it at least LOOKS like there are two of me!


opened up ready It was my 42nd birthday. I enjoy nothing more than getting out into the countryside around where we live. My husband (Richard) packed up some lunch and we took off for the day. The camera came along as well.......just in case there was a jpg opportunity..................and there usually is!