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We've just come back from a camping weekend. O got frisky at the camp sight and decided to expose herself and get some sun. She told me to put up a boogie board to block her exposure. I couldn't believe it when she took off her bikini top and my jaw almost hit the ground when she removed her bottoms. Especially when I saw that she had shaved just for me. Boy, do I love her. She seemed to enjoy running around naked but was very carefull to cover herself if anyone came close. I asked her if I should make another reservation for a campsight and she responded with a quick "YES" and a big bright smile.

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mirad que tetas..., Hi everyone!! Here is the second part to my Fall pictures. This set is the continuation of the of the theme, then a few where we moved onto the deck. TC had a vision. :) Hope you enjoy this set!!! Love and Kisses,cherokee


Sexy K posting for fun. Mir war sehr heiss und ich jumpte in mein pool! Musste mir aber einen trink mitnehmen,wollte mich von innen und von aussen erfrischen und abkuhlen! Im pool begleitete mich meine Ente auf schritt und tritt! Warum wohl,was sagt ihr meine freunde!?LG eure Chris