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Here we go! This is my first contri addition to voy-zone, and I'm starting it with a bang. This is by request of one of the members of our site. E.O. you'd better enjoy this, you asked for something long and shiny right? You got it! Anyhow...I'm really enjoying all the attention I'm getting since I joined Retail hell. I know that I have a lot to live up to since Sunny has left. She is tough to replace considering all her fan mail she still gets. People! Write to her personal address, she's not here anymore! I don't even get half what she used to get, try E-mailing me once in a while huh? lol...I'm still thinking of starting my own site. Redcloud viewers, tell me what you think, I am always into your suggestions and critisism.

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Getting ready for you!! Hello everyone. I'm Jacky, I'm 19 y.o. How you like my new golden toy? I shall go from it from my mind. Nobody can so fuck mine small pussy as this golden toy. Main to not forget to substitute battery. I hope you have as much fun watching all of me as I do showing off.


Mirror touch up I'm a mature Texan who enjoys seeing all the ladies of Red Clouds. But especially enjoy the mature ladies. You dont need to have a perfect body to please a man, experience is sometimes better than youth. Love to hear comments.