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Nude Beach - Srolling along Nude Beach 2

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Hey all. This is my best friend Grace in her see-through black teddy. You may remember the pictures my hubby took of us together in the chain mail. My hubby took the first 4 of these but I took the last 4 myself. I think they came out pretty good if I say so myself. Grace was staying with us at the time we took these pictures, but she has since moved back to Canada. Since she is so close she still visits us often. These were also taken this summer before it got so darn cold. We know that we have a bunch more of us in the pool but we can't find them. We'll keep trying, because those were pretty good too.

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Enjoy please Hi voyeurwebbers, here are some new pics of my wife E!!! I hope u like them. Thanx for the nice comments with my first contri. We hope again for lots of nice comments, then we will go on with sending pics. Don't show e-mail!


Job 2 job 2 *Gg 2 Naked Girls - My best wish is to make you giddy! Hey there! I am Natali! I betcha you have missed my friends Gena and Lily. I excuse for my being out of your sight and wanna show you something hot and sexy! Girlies near the swimming pool, they are undressing and kissing each other. Enjoy with us!