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Nudist Beach Cap d'Agde Baie Des Cochons

wicker chair II
Sarah Fun - Fun - Fun - I don't know what is up with naturist lately, but I've posted some sets and they took forever to go up. Anyhow, I hope this one was worth the wait. Yes, Yes, I have gotten all of your E-mails and it took a long time to respond. I am sorry! =) Well, where do I start. School has been kicking my butt, and I have been doing very well lately. Got an "A" on my speech last friday, which I am very proud of. Everytime I go to the fridge, it's staring me right in the face. yay! By the way. Those of you that keep sending me pics of yourself. You guys are so cute! I love that there are so many of you trying to get me over "What's his name?" haha. But honestly, I'm just not ready to start dating again. However, those of you that are sending me naked pics...nice! This naturist thing is getting a lot funner than I expected. =)

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The fun continues! We do read your comments, thank you for all the hot compliments. John had our favorite one from my last naked in public contribution- "You are a absolute pleasure factory to my dick MORE MORE MORE" Hehehe. Well, John, here's some more for ya. :)


S Bend & Sammi G Wanted to say thanks to all of the VW/RC crew and all of the fantastic viewers out there for the great comments on my last contri's. Today some pictures from getting out of my miniskirt.I hope you enjoy this pictures Kisses Susy