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Fuck my bum? x
After a great day of shopping downtown I thought it would be super fun to do some flashing. The rooftop of the parking garage was visible from a bunch of high rise office buildings and condos, and since it was in the middle of the afternoon on a work day, I knew there would be a LOT of people with a view of me up on that rooftop. So I put on a pair of high heels and a hoodie I just bought and went up to the rooftop to do a little strip tease. There were as many buildings in front of me as you see behind me, so I was definitely visible to a whole bunch of people!! What a thrill to was to strip down to just my heels and jewelry in the middle of the city in full view of so many high rises!!! This was definitely my most daring flash to date!!

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and later maybe more... this is the first time on redclouds, hope u enjoy guys. i have just found liz's old wedding dress and she has agreed to pose for me in and out of that, with redclouds style too. would anyone like to see how they turn out or would u rather we kept them to ourselves?


girls in shower This is the picture of my very shy wife who I could photography while we were in the middle of having sex. Her sexual excitement was the only reason I could take the pics. of course I had to edit and protect her privacy.