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Giddy Up!!!!!! You want to hear what I have to deal with? Ok so I am super into this guy I met a bit ago at a show...and we have kinda been hanging out. I get confused sometimes, and it takes so long to make me convinced that a guy is interested in I am not sure...but we have been hanging out, and I was at a party at his place the other night and I was having a good time and all. The guy I am interested in (lets call him "The Cowboy") has a younger brother who was at the party too...and the whole night this 17 year old was following me around trying to talk all smooth...he totally would not leave me alone...Great huh? Just my luck....I go for "The Cowboy" and I get "The Buckaroo"!! Anyway I found out later the kid told his older brother that he needed to back off because he was "ruining his game". AAAGGGHHH!!!

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DS did it again... This is our first set of pictures from our recent vacation in Belize. On the second day there, we had thousands of acres of trails in the mountains all to ourselves. This is just one of the lovely spots we stopped at to have some fun!!