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amateur fuck on the beach

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And her man loves to be pegged....we've noticed how well recieved the few brave souls who have also shown their love of "pegging," so thought we'd share in the hopes that others would as well. We don't do it often, but man is it hot when we do! Leave the fag comments to can't knock if you've never tried it - just remember your asshole has the same nerves as hers and what comes around should go around!! And ladies...she says she's never so turned on as when she straps on that cock....she LOVES it!!! Enjoy!! Commentary for pics: PegginRC1: "gettin ready" PegginRC2:"she's so hot with that stiff cock!!" PegginRC3: "Sliding it in slowly...hurts so good!" PegginRC4: "She loves it when i'm on top..." PegginRC5: "Doing me like I do her!" PegginRC6: "She just loves to feel me grind down on her cock" PegginRC7: "and I just love to come on her lovely boobs while she fucks me"

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SITTING AROUND THE HOUSE hi guys, this is first time for my wife. The pictures are from our holidays in Australia - first three from Rottnest Island next to Perth, the rest from River Island Nature Retreat close to Mittagong, NSW.


My favorite time, Bedtime! Boring monday, but Maria arouse me with some beads and her new buyed crystal dildo. She want to test it, cant say no. So its a toy test, hehe. It also tests my pants, how long can the zipper hold my cock ( only 5 minutes, lol..)