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Hi all I met this lovely slut quite by accident. I was walking past the house of one of my co workers when I saw this girl sitting on the bed with the door wide open. She was only in her pants holding up a towel to cover her breasts. When she saw me looking she dropped the towel, smiled slyly and asks me if I was looking for her boyfriend. He is married by the way. So I went up to her with a growing boner in my pants and we started talking. Me being very persuasive convinced her to pose for some pics. Please enjoy this pure African ebony slut. I did not fuck her, don’t ask me why. Please don’t show my email Bye

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Just enjoy! Hot kiss Kate, I love your sight and check it out every day! I hope you enjoy these PICS of me taken by my boyfriend. I know he enjoyed them. They are Polaroid's for now - then scanned with a Astra 1220P for your pleasure. Please call these Luscious Lynn. Keep up the great work. Love


i love slapping that ass! Hi Kate, Here I`m back with some new shots from the netherlands. Here I`m a dutchbabe and lives in Flevoland love to make these pics!!! If you like it we will make more ..... I like that greatings from the Netherlands xxx