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Exhibitionist Girl in some Beach From the Brazil.

She has 50 years
Hi to all. This is formerly Hotassgacpl, just felt a need to change the name so I used my stage name. Yes I'm a dancer and I go to school fulltime, 7 classes this semester. Anyhow, I don't usually respond to the idiots on here, but I am this time. Please bear with me and then I'll show you my A couple of people, you know who you are, said that they made me and that I should let them on my new site for free. As soon as you pay for costumes, select and setup shoots do the actual shoots, edit and prepare pictures to put on site. Shoot the videos etc. I'll let you on my site for free.And remember Einstien, you're paying to see my ass here to, awful greedy aren't ya? NEWS FLASH --You nor anyone else on voy-zone has made me,. voy-zone provides a venue and people choose to use it. I post on voy-zone and always will it is where I began to express myself through erotic photography online, but just to appease you. All of the naturist staff may look at my sight, like they haven't sight has allowed me to do what I'm doing. Noone is pushing my site either, the link is their, hit it or forget about it. I sent 2 other Contris, but they have yet to post, I'll wait a few and then resubmit, but these are best ass pictures, at least in my biased opinion..:0)..! remember to vote and if you'd like to take a look at my sight..:0) Thanks again guys, sorry about my rambling, but somethings have to be addressed.. Ciao,

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Getting naked for fun! Hi to the Red Clouds gang! This is my second time to be on Red Clouds. My neighbor Cindy and her friend Willy convinced me to post the first photos. It was exciting to read all the comments from the first post. Here are some more photos that Willy took of me. I hope you like them.


Linda sunbathing Silk surprised me with a digital camera for my birthday and surprised me even more with what she let me do with it. She's still a bit shy about posting on the web so could use some encouraging comments and suggestions.