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Beach Banging - DP - Facial - Part 2

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Thanks for taking time to comment on my April 9 contribution. Your comments really do help! Apparently there is a split between you who like the artsy stuff, and those looking for more hardcore contributions. Next time, I will try to get more explicit. Any suggestions of what you want are appreciated. As for this set, I was out looking for a location for a fun fashion shoot, and stumbled across this building, set back maybe 100 feet from what I THOUGHT was a remote road. I must have tried to avoid being caught by about two dozen cars in the 15 minutes I was there...naked with nowhere to go (I'm sure a few saw me, but didn't cause problems). I left the clothes in the car as an extra adrenaline rush! It was GREAT! I'm still looking for someone to help out with my picture taking (participation IN the photos not necessarily required... but I won't complain if you do! hehehe) Anyway, thanks again for your encouragement. I try to respond to those nice enough to leave a message. Thanks for the awesome site and allowing us to be here.

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Quick flash... Hello, I love to shoot amateur couples. Here you can see Natacha, Lili and their husbands having a foursome. If you want to see the videos and my other couples, just go to the adress shown below. Comment please ;)


she loves to suck I don't want him to know..We've talked about it hundreds of times... I want you to decide if I should keep doing about a turn on. If you like what your eyes see, let me know...See you soon maybe.