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hi ! I am Stan, from France, and this is my girl Adria, from Brazil. She fulfills all my wishes : she loves wearing sexy lingerie, she sucks me and begs to swallow my cum, and she loves when I treat her bad (I tie her up and pull her hair, tell her she is a bitch, etc... and she begs for more !). Although it's not her fantasy, she agrees that we could try one day a trio with another girl (well, she confessed that she would rather do it with two men, but I try to convince her that my idea is the best one...). This is a serious and sincere contribution, so please send nice comments and if any of you (girl of course!) is willing to play with us, feel free to leave a note and/or a picture... By the way, Adria does not know I am sending these pictures.

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Her name is Marion. this is the first time on redclouds, hope u enjoy guys. i have just found liz's old wedding dress and she has agreed to pose for me in and out of that, with redclouds style too. would anyone like to see how they turn out or would u rather we kept them to ourselves?


A very good bj. G'day folks. Just thought I would add to your great site. Here is an Aussie ex age 19yrs from 11 years ago. Great girl and great sex, any place any time.( including after we broke up) Anyway enjoy and keep up the STIMULATING work. Snowy.