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Post in private A great Furby story! I made a bet with my wife, i bet her that our local Mall would have people waiting the night before the store opened. You see, the store advertised the sale of Furby, that cute little annoying furry thing. The bet was if there was people waiting over night (in the freezing cold!) that she would allow me to FINALLY send you some pictures of her! She said, "ok, i bet that no one will be waiting!" I said, "your on!" I proceeded to "FLY" down the highway. when we got to the Mall, and what to my wandering eyes should appear, was 10 wonderful people camping out, in front of the store, for it's opening the next morning!!!!!!!!!! Kate, the last picture is for you! As you can see, she was as turned on as i was! Enjoy the pictures, hope to get good responses on the BB. She is my wife of 20 years, and she is 39. Kate, don't show my email address, ( or else we won't make 21 years of marriage!) Great sight!!!!!!!! Thanks again,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Signed

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ass for your pleasure... Lovely young woman with just about perfect breasts at 2009 Nudes-a-Poppin' at Ponderosa Sun Club in Roselawn, Indiana, she had a camera, but many, many more pictures were being taken of her beautiful breasts than she was taking of anything else.


an what a toy she is! At first he started sucking my boobs, licking my neck and finger banging me, but then he got me really hot and wet and I wanted to get fucked by this stranger. These are the non-Redcloud version pics, and later I'll post the pics of him fucking me.