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Hubby likes to be vulgar with me when we're alone (it's how I learned to have such a filthy mouth for you perverts), so I've learned all kinds of wonderful new expressions... like... bearded-clam, fur-burger, and... the vertical smile. The vertical smile is a phenomenon best evident on a shaved pussy. My pussy isn't always shaved, but when it is, hubby likes to admire it. Just before he makes me yank it open for the camera and you perverts. Let me ask you a question, then... does my vertical smile make YOU smile? Or would you prefer the two-finger-salute, around-the-hips-gaper, or the old fashioned two-fisted-spread?

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Vote for her When my friend Andria came over for a visit, we talked about female orgasm and the coversation led to a friendly bet (lunch the next day). Andria thought the idea was funny but she wanted to try it. There was no winner or loser since the timing was pretty close. :)


Sleeping Big Butt Wif Well boss We just got home from Key West Fantasy Fest 99.Everyone went nuts over my girls butt.So we felt it was olny fair to send some to you .This is her first web Intro call her Jesse's Girl So All Comments are WELCOME and Enjoyed.Please be nice and we'll send more. Thanks For Being Out There