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In chains at the beach

Bored on the weekend.
Nikki -White Dress And Heels- - Hello Kate, Jerry, Asher, Blue, crew, contributors, and voy-zonebers! I cant believe were out Christmas shopping already. Thank you all for another wonderful year of posting to the best adult site on the internet! After years and years, your comments and support are what make this fun for me. You guys rock! Once again Kates contests have inspired me. I was taking pictures for the heels Econtri and had enough turn out well to send in a full contri. I hope you enjoy my little white dress strip tease. Happy Holidays!! P.S.: I should be just getting home from vacation when this posts, stop by my site and check out all my sexy adventures, it'll be worth your while! Love Ya, Nikki ;)~

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More fun and games *Gg Oral Sex Fans - Nora and Bony are oral sex fans. Nora seduced Bony completely and she sucked her major and minor labia and clit as well as a clit that increased in size in a second. Bony licked Nora?s pussy over and over again. ?It was a worthseeing sexy game!


Holiday Cheer A "beaver" shot - for a certain, persistent fan(?) who apparently doesn't think I have one. While I don't think it's exactly right to spread my legs to show off my boobs, I'll do it this time just for Woodstockone.